We Can’t Wait
The aim of We Can’t Wait is to provide sustainable sanitation for all. Improved sanitation helps prevent chronic disease and aids in ensuring disadvantaged community groups can stay in school.
Regardless of where we are from, our children have a right to an education.
Donate today & help us make a difference to the lives of many.
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An issue too large to ignore

Sometimes life leads you www.dream-trading.co.za to far flung places and puts you in positions that you never dreamed. When you follow the rabbit hole and embrace it with both arms you might never realise it how it might change your life. Mark’s simple and personal story is beautifully expressed from a guy who just wanted to do the right thing. Mark discovered something that could at the very least change people’s lives when he started an organisation called ‘We Can’t Wait’.
After several years working as a travel writer and then establishing his own business, Mark found himself as a board member for a company…in India. During one of the frequent trips that he made from his home in Melbourne he un-ravelled an issue too large to ignore. Some years later Mark discovered that the best job he has ever had doesn’t pay a cent but may just save lives.
Would you send your kids to a school without toilets?
We Can’t Wait’s founder, Mark Balla, learned during his iqoptions many business visits to India that a vast number of schools in India do not have toilets for students and staff.
This has been shown to have a particularly negative impact for adolescent female students and female staff. Drop out rates among adolescent girls are extremely high in India with poor sanitation being a major causal factor. Additionally, there are very high absentee rates among adolescent girls and female staff during menstruation.
Furthermore, there is strong evidence showing that once toilets are installed in schools, children IQ Option South Africa start asking their parents to install toilets in their homes.
You can help to make a difference.
  • Two Schools in Nasik, India

Nasik, India

In 2014, Mark Balla travelled north-east of Mumbai to the city of Nasik where he spoke to a delegation of 350 Rotarians about the vision of We Can’t Wait. He spoke of improving sanitation in schools within India and throughout the developing world.
Mark visited 2 schools in Nasik, which were to become the first of many We Can’t Wait have targeted for improved sanitation and and increase in hygiene education awareness.
Please take a moment to view this short video presentation produced by Mark upon his return to Australia, shortly after his initial visit.
When you donate to We Can’t Wait, you are joining us in our quest to improve the lives of children in the schools we work with. Even the smallest donation will make a considerable difference to the lives of many. In short, you are helping improve and indeed save lives.
Even the smallest donation will make a considerable difference to the lives of many.
Your donation will help improve and indeed save lives.

No water.

No toilet.

95% schools in India lack Right to Education (RTE) infrastructure.

When toilets do exist, you and I would be reluctant, if not outright unwilling, to use them.

Every dollar makes a difference.